Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Suzume Daiojiro journal

Not to be outdone here is Dave's;


Suzume Tomo-sama e




探求のコンテストの間に、武士の1 グループは狂暴なクレーンによって攻撃されたが、私のグループはそれらを容易に回転する。私は無事だったが、コンテストのクレーン武士の1 つは殺された。攻撃者はコンテストに不名誉を持って来ることを試みて、私は恐れている成功したことを。私はリーダー、気高いドラゴンの武士の後ろの2 ポイントであるが、たった1 日が残ある、従って私は彼をつかまえてなくないかもしれない。

5 月木の取得からの花落ちる長い時間。
Keigu, Suzume Daiojiro

and the translation:

I pray that your illness has receded. The weather here grows cold, and the nights grow in stature. Winter is truly upon us.

The reason for my letter is to tell you of my progress in the topaz championship. I have enough points now to achieve gempukku and wished to express my gratitude to you for the lessons that you have taught me. The other samurai are mainly major clans, and it fills me with pride to represent the Sparrow Clan at this event. I am honoured to even compete against these esteemed individuals.
I composed a poem in honour of our clan and I am writing to express it to you.

“Sparrow flying high,
Over the brown earth below,
scattered rock, my heart.”

During the hunting contest, one group of samurai were attacked by rogue crane, but my group slew them easily. I was unharmed but one of the crane samurai in the contest was killed. The attackers were trying to bring dishonour to the contest, and i fear they have succeeded. I am two points behind the leader, a noble dragon samurai, but there is only one day left, so i may be unable to catch him.

May the blossom from the tree take a long time to fall.

My regards, Suzume Daiojiro.

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