Wednesday, 8 August 2007

From China - Post 2

Another update today, it all sounds like a huge amount of pain and effort to me for a holiday but whatever floats your boat I guess... anyhow onto the update..

"The Story so far:

We are shattered but its ACE! We are learning Tai CHi int eh mornings for 3 hours this is after getting up at 5.30am and doing standing, breathing ChiGung
by the central lake in the quadrangle. very chilled out "most tranquil"

I do a 42 step Tai Chi which is crazy precise and a competition form. Dave does 24 step Chen style Tai Chi which is the short form. We have different teachers. I also learn Tai Chi fan which looks very pretty and also has applications.

Lunch is from 11ish until 2pm, but this time is spent being fed WAY too much by our hosts (each meal a banquet, SERIOUSLY) and then passed out in our room, or trying to get on the only machine in the hotel to send info to you guys (assuming the youngster abd ze Germans are not on it!).\

The afternoon Dave and I are back together from 2pm until 5pm learning Bagua, which is taught to us by a blinding teacher called Xu ("Zoo") ShiXi ('she zee"). He is wicked and looks lie a Chinese Elvis has massive glasses and knows HUGE amounts of information which he attempts to haemorrhage at us each day! :) :)

He is , apparently, 65 but is tremendously flexible and fit and clearly has the body of a MUCH younger man. Bagua is on first regard about walking in circles! But it has some tremendous applications and all of the circle walking are for body conditioning and health aspects. Xu has never been to hospital or been seriously ill and hopes never to be for at least another 20 years!

Look at some pictures here: China Facebook Photo's

We can't post to the blog as we think it comes under government fire wall regulations, but facebook works.

We have been to a Jet-hai (not Jedi although it was pretty close) temple which was just wicked! Pagodas and ancient 1000year old trees and weird bugs! There is no bird song here it is all insect noise of one form or another.

We do 3 treasures sword int eh evening from 5-6pm then dinner at 7pm, and classes at 8.30pm,. Tonight we have a Tuina massage session with Master Sun. we are all really looking forward to that one as almost everything hurts all the time...its brilliant! :)

See you all soon

K8 and Dave "

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