Thursday, 23 August 2007

China Post 5: Sweaty Circles & Great Walls

Yet another and possibly final update from the Kung Fu Chaos Couple!
From the sound of it the great wall is...well actually great !! and Kung Fu is sweaty work if you walking around in circles as you practice it... Anyway here is what K8 has to say on the subject...

"Hey people,
The Great wall is BIG! I mean REALLY BIG, you may think its a long way down the road to the Chemist but thats just peanuts to...well you get this idea. A good bit of it (some 900miles) is still intact and simply climbs over the ridiculous pitcure postcard mountains without the slightest nod to altering the landscape to fit the structure.
This does mean that at some points the crenalations are sideways to the vertical! Very funny. Even on the wall there are people hawking stuff to tourists the funniest are the certificates showing your picture and to day that you've climbed the wall! There is a Chinese saying that you are not a real man or woman until you have climbed the wall.

This is one of the famous Mister Who quotations, he is our tour guide and whilst he speaks English is the worlds; funnist chap! I highly recommend him to anyone who is going anywhere!

"The female Guardian Lion is always on the right, you know why?? Because the women are ALWAYS right!" (exit Mr Who Stage left).

"So the Emperor before the ceremony must not eat meat and thus suffer as vegetarians do!"

"If you are lost (in the forbidden city sand is actually pretty much anywhere we have been) just keep walking Keep walking!" Presumably if you hit Mongolia get a cab back!

For the last week we have been training again so have elected to sleep at lunchtimes instead of post! Training has been going well, the heat has rocketed in the last 2 weeks, reckon this is the heat wave they have planned and the reason they moved us up into the mountains, it is ridiculously hot and sunny every day. Quite missing the 1 or 2 bits of rain we had in the first week!

We are still doing Bagua but now have slightly more complex changes to the circles and also have moved up to walking 10 circles both clockwise and anti clockwise for each palm. This means we are walking round in 160 circles four times each afternoon in an average temperature of 30 degrees centigrade!
It's rather warm and we are sweating like bastards, very attractive! You think we would be losing weight but they keep feeding us mega amounts of grub! If you are sitting on a table with a chinese person then they will start ladelling stuff onto your plate even if you are full to bursting, they don't really understand the words "Not hanks I'm full" or indeed the conept! :)

More pictures of Training and our Trip to another Buddist temple can be found here "

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