Thursday, 8 November 2007

Deadlands Reloaded

I have started a Deadlands Reloaded Campaign and in the interests of having the session logs online I am going to post them here.

Last Train Reloaded

On the last Train to Santa Cruse Our Heroes find themselves in interesting company, Two miners, a cowardly card sharp and a nervous doctor are all grilled by the friendly Lady on her way to meet her Husband in Tombstone. Jenny Lou’s enquiries meet similarly short responses when she starts to grill our Heroes.

Suddenly (power!) around midnight the chat (and the train) is brought to a screeching halt by the Barricade of some Brigands but when the party goes to investigate the Brigands are already Dead! Ripped apart by some seemingly unstoppable attackers! While they continue to investigate the nearby abandoned Railroad camp they hear shots from the passenger car.

Heading back to the rescue they find the carriage besieged by the walking dead tough and leathery like beef jerky the gruesome zombies still burn as Sara finds out after Zapping one that was trying to crawl through one of the windows breaking the nearby lamp and showering the capering cadaver with burning oil. Just as they seem to have saved the Day the wall is caved in and with an echoing cry of “BHAAAAB” The innocent Jenny is grabbed, pulled straight from the Train and absconded with into the darkness.

Fierce chase is given, as cries of “Bhab?” echo across the prairie, but the re-stitched creation knocks out Miss McGann and high-tails it into the night.

Returning to the Train for some much needed First Aid they find Dr Wilder’s Bag open on the floor of the Still burning Passenger car. The notes and Diagrams inside the Doctors bag reveal much:
Posing as the undertaker in the nearby town is the man Wilder was on his way visit. Professor Vinton Radcliffe. The Two had corresponded some years before

Before Radcliffe was chased out of the Maze, he met Edwin Wilder, another scientist interested in the reanimation of dead tissue. The two sometimes compared notes and even
collaborated on a few experiments. Wilder left the Great Maze a few years before Radcliffe to take a job with Hellstromme Industries—working in the company’s automaton division. Radcliffe corresponded with Wilder after his move to Salt Lake City. The two continued to share research information. Wilder occasionally sent Radcliffe secret Hellstromme Industries formulas and techniques—secrets that could cost him his job if it was discovered that he had divulged them.

Unfortunately for Wilder, a freak lab fire exposed his unwitting espionage. Investigators looking through the ruins of the lab discovered some of his letters from Radcliffe and called him in to answer some questions. Rather than show up for the interview, Wilder grabbed some lab samples and notes and headed out of town. Once he got inside the Confederacy, he sent Radcliffe a telegram informing him that he was on his way and boarded a Black River train to Little Rock. In Arkansas, he caught a boat down the Mississippi to New Orleans where he transferred to a Bayou Vermilion train to Santa Cruse.

Luckily for the Posse Tobias is a skilled Tracker and by the Ghost rock Lamps on the front of the McGann Mobile they manage to follow two sets of tracks into the night one of a horse and another of the love struck construct. After an hour of the slightly creepy feeling of being watched, Fingers the animate hand created by Wilder, reveals itself to the Posse and leads them to its master.

Finding a lathered horse drinking from a rock pool the posse follows the tracks to an old silver mine in the nearby hills. Heading into the darkness they overcome twisted mockeries of Coyotes with Huge slavering Mouths full of implanted Sharks Teeth.

Defeating the canine defenders they come across Radcliffe’s secret Lair. Miss Jenny Lou was chained to a Wall while Radcliffe glowered menacingly from under the brow of his ULM Device, Also chained but to a table rather than to the wall Dr Wilder was about to be implanted with one of the Shards of Ghost Rock found in the heads of all the desiccated Dead. Guarding this Tableau was the stitch work man Bahb! and another 6 of the beef jerky zombies.

Battle was joined and as Sara’s personality flipped back and forth like a light bulb Reggie’s hexes get the better of him time and time again as the Manitous he bargains with best him in their tests of will. The Battle Rages back and Forth and Professor Radcliffe is felled by a shotgun blast to the chest, With their controllers death the unliving Jerky turn on one another and the chained up Wilder who is defended by the plucky Fingers and the schizo Miss McGann. Bhaab enraged by the death of his creator takes a lot of effort to fell and is eventually felled by a lucky shot from Sara.

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Players Present:
K8 – Sara McGann Mad Scientist
Paul Tengu – Reggie Dodsworth English Huckster Running from his past
Paul Kung Fu – Tobias Crane Wanted gunman