Thursday, 8 November 2007

Episode 2 The Journal of Dr Wilder

We picked up a preacher in Tombstone, fingers doesn’t like him, just before we got chased out of town thanks to Tobias. He is Irish but has excellent bone structure.

Our Hasty departure prevented us from catching the Train we had booked, very frustrating, that combined with Sara’s insistence that we do something about Helstromme has us travelling north toward Utah and Colorado, I don’t want to go anywhere near Helstromme but I still think I am safer with these brave folks than on my own. Fingers Agrees.

We have been Travelling for almost a week now, most of us riding in miss McGanne’s so called Wagon, most uncomfortable. Perhaps some manner of suspension system using reanimated horses legs…hmmmmm, Ahhhhh a spider!

We are being attacked by Arachnids of unusual size, I am hidden under the running boards of the Wagon. Tobias seems to be shooting at us! Fingers was right! It was just a matter of time before he turned on us, we’ll show him, we’ll show them all!

It was a misunderstanding he was shooting at spiders, We might show him anyway. Reggie was quite badly bitten but I have patched him up, he really does have lovely hands, they would be perfect for… no, no The Arachnids seemed to be able to leap great distances and they bury themselves to facilitate Ambush. Fascinating, no one else seems to think so, they are all leaving… Wait for me.

This town is empty, what a hole, no rail station. Very well dressed Black man waved at me from by the church as we rode in though. Sheriff is boring also runs a store Failure of a man.

People have been going missing. How thrilling perhaps we will get to see more examples of the “Terrorantulas” as Tobias keeps calling them. A little girls family has been taken apparently pulled into the ground, fascinating perhaps their tunnelling abilities are for more than just ambushes!

A local group of Rascals may also be responsible for the missing people Tobias seems sure that his “Snake Oil Salesman” is responsible but that seems preposterous. We are going to see these Ruffians they are much more likely to be the cause of the local unrest.

HOLY MOTHERLOAD! That was the biggest Spider I have ever seen! If we could hcapture it then Helstromme could never stop us NEVER! Drat, upon its demise at the hands of a large quantity of TNT Wielded by Miss MCGanne it dissolved into thousands of smaller specimens. Perhaps I can Breed another gigantic one, I must try to get a sample.

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Davetrollkin said...

Players present
K8 – Sara McGann Mad Scientist
Paul Tengu – Reggie Dodsworth English Huckster Running from his past
Paul Kung Fu – Tobias Crane Wanted gunman
Rob – Seamus McFlynn Troubled Preacher (Irish)