Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Monday & Tuesday Training

In order to instil the first and second forms in our very being and also to create the "jelly leg effect" Matt tortured the class with held positions at intervals during the form. Whilst sweating attractively we positioned and repositioned to get the moves and feel of the form and then held it for as long as it took for Matt to check everyone in the class. This is a fabulously good teaching aid as the quicker we are to "get it" the less time spent standing on one leg with your knee raised fists clenched and foot and quad muscles screaming in agony. These techniques combined to form Devastator! Strongest of the Decepti...anyway you get the idea :)

The muggy weather here may be helping towards training in 50% humidity in China, we are just lacking the 33oC+ temperatures to go with it. We'll see if we can bring some summer back from the East!

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