Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Wednesday Night Panicking

So the only night free this week and we have spent it productively panicking and throwing together what we need for GOING TO CHINA! See I told you we were excited. :)
Jules from our Kungfu club came round and stuck more needles in my arm and legs this time (she is a qualified acupuncturist). It is tremendously odd because they are bloody great big nails sticking out of your limbs but they do not hurt, just the odd tingle and hugely warm sensations and a terrible urge to giggle! Anyway my elbow is way better again so ready for training tomorrow :)

Dave won't stop over excitedly panicking, I'm beginning to wonder if he will ever sleep again!

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Shelley said...

Have a great time both of you. Make sure you keep this blog updated!! Look after each other. xxx